Welcome to Manchester Is Ace!

hi all – this is the first post to introduce Manchester Is Ace – not that anyone will be reading this yet! But hopefully if we keep shouting out into cyberspace someone might start reading our musings/ findings/ ramblings.

We set up the Manchester is ace blog because we love Manchester and want to bring you tips, offers and details of the best places we’ve found. We want to sing the unsung, find the coolest little shops, the bars with the best offers that we find as we tootle through life.

If you look in the About Me section, you’ll see that this blog isn’t going to mention the dreaded C word (no, not that one!) – credit crunch. Or recession or politics – read a newspaper for that! Forget the depressing stuff – people still go out, eat, drink and live – so let’s just do that.

There are loads of blogs about Manchester and by people who live in our city – but hopefully this one will bring something different to the forum. Eventually we would like this to be a team of people who post when they found a wicked happy hour offer, a special cocktail, or even just really amazing customer service at an independent shop. We’ve been reading blogs and sites about Manchester (and some not about Manchester!) for ages – so check out the links on the side panel.

First up I’m going to flag up this article, which helped me launch this site. Craig McGinty is a journalist who writes a couple of blogs and I found this useful posting. We’re still finding my way round Typepad – but hopefully will figure it out soon!

Here’s that link: http://www.craigmcginty.com/news/2005/07/setting_up_a_bl.html

Anyway, see you around. Keep checking back for new posts.

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