Cocktails part 1: Great John Street Hotel

Great John St Hotel Went out the other night hunting for cocktails, which is my new
favourite thing ever. Favourite all-round so far is The Modern, which
is a nice chilled bar, away from all the riff-raff. But anyway we
decided to go somewhere a bit different for a few beverages. Will
review The Modern next time I go.

First stop was the Great John
Street Hotel, right near Granada.Great John Street Hotel Manchester
I’ve not been there for about three
years, and had forgot just how impressive the interiors are. Lots of
sumptuous rich red colours, grey walls and big comfy sofas. There was
also a stack of that day’s papers, which is a nice touch.

building used to be a Victorian school and then the building was
converted by Eclectic Hotels, which also owns Didsbury House Hotel and
11 Didsbury Park. I’ve never been in the hotel rooms, but all the
reviews sound damn marvellous – if I ever win the lottery, I’ll be
booking the biggest suite there.

Cocktails here don’t come cheap
– my round cost £16.50, which included a 10% service charge which was a
bit unnecessary. The cocktail menu was lengthy, and the bar manager
wrote a couple of paragraphs about each cocktail.
Great John St cocktails small

Me and the
husband both chose from the long cocktails section (all £7.50). I went
for the Green Apple Tom Collins, which was a medley of Bombay Sapphire,
lemon and apple. There was just a tad too much ice filling up that
glass, but it was light, tart and refreshing. He chose the Apple
Crumble, which featured Tuaca, an Italian brandy liquer flavoured with vanilla and citrus, along with apple juice
and cinnamon. This one tasted quite festive and was a nice balance of
spicy and fruity.

If you’ve never tried Tuaca, give it a whirl.
I got sent a bottle for a drinks review a couple of years ago and it
was beautiful. We drank it neat over ice, and it’s just amazing. You
can buy Tuaca here.

We were given a bowl of posh crisps to
accompany our drinks, which was topped up when I’d scoffed them all!
That was a bonus (at that price, I’ll take what I can get!). I will be
back for cocktails at the Great John Street – it’s a treat well worth
splashing out for, just to pretend you’re rich for an hour.

Great John Street Hotel, Great John Street, Castlefield, Manchester, M3 4FD
T: 0161 831 3211

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