Cocktails part 2: The Grinch

We moved on to The Grinch, over by Cross Street as I know they have a happy hour between 5-7pm EVERY DAY – even Saturday! Cocktails at The Grinch aren’t as special as the Great John Street Hotel but by ‘eck they still go down a treat. The cocktails are £3.50, down from £6 normally. Also on offer for the happy hour are any stone baked pizza for £6 and bottles of house wines are £9.95.

There’s a really wide selection of cocktails, and they do waiter service even when you’re only there for drinks, so sit back and lap it up.

The Grinch
I had a Citrus Rum Cooler, combining Havana club rum, Cointreau, sour mix and orange juice. The sours gave it a nice edgy feel, but the orange juice had a cheap acid taste to it. Some freshly squeezed would have been nice.
The other one sampled was a Pimms Turbo, a summery number involving Pimms No 1, gin, lemonade and ginger ale, garnished with some mint leaf. This one went down a royal treat. My mum taught me always to add a little gin to a Pimms, so this was already a favourite.
Grinch cocktails

There are so many cocktails to choose from you could go many times and always try something new.
I’ve eaten at The Grinch a few times before, and it’s always good. Lots of pizza, chicken, burgers and salads. The menus are printed on large brown envelopes, which people always seem to love when you first take them there.
It’s unpretentious, caters for all tastes and is a lively place to meet friends.
If you want to eat, try to book because it does get really busy. If you just want a drink, they can usually fit you in downstairs.

The Grinch
Old Half Moon Chamber, 5-7 Chapel Walks, Manchester, M2 1HN.
T: 0161 907 3210


Opening: Monday – Saturday, 12noon–11pm.
Sunday, 12noon-10.30pm.

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