The story of the nasty chorizo

Today I spent an enjoyable hour browsing around the Arndale Market, which has turned into foodie heaven. If you’ve not been there for a while, please go down, otherwise you won’t understand. Never has a precinct market been so good. One side of the market is your regular stalls, which includes a fancy dress shop and also, interestingly, a tutu shop.

And on the other side is the foodie section, full of independent stalls catering all for different tastes. There’s a conveyor belt sushi place, in the same vein of Yo Sushi, which I’ve not tried but looks pretty good. There’s quite a lot of different hot food stalls, great for a quick lunch break. Choose from Indian, Greek, Chinese and some more I can’t think of right now, and plonk yourself at a table in the middle. I particularly like the Indian stall because the curries rival that of a proper restaurant and there’s a salad bar with sauces you can help yourself to.

Also the smoothie and fruit juice stall is fantastic when you have a hangover – my fave is one involving apple, mango and ginger. I’ve started going to the delicatessen stalls to buy cheese and meat, which is what led me to write this post. At one of the stalls full of cured meats and all kinds of Italian cheeses, they had an offer on chorizo for £3.50 so I snapped it up. I burst through the front door, laden with shopping bags with stomach a-rumbling and ripped into my chorizo for my lunch. But alas, it was not to be. All I could taste was oil – not even grease – just a limp vegetable oil taste. That got spat straight into the bin. I can’t even bring myself to try it again, such was my disappointment.

I’ve had chorizo in Italy, Sardinia and Sicily before and again have been tempted by a cheap price only to be landed with a foul chunk of cured sausage. But this time I have fully learnt my lesson – never buy cheap chorizo. So now begins my quest to find a tasty, yet reasonable chorizo in Manchester. I will keep you up to date.

If anyone can direct me and my stomach to a fine piece of chorizo, I would be mightily grateful. I will actually do a proper review of the food hall at the market, with stall names, prices and photos. Just needed to get that off my chest. Bye for now.

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