Town Cafe in Heaton Moor

Due to my kitchen being redone and the contents of it being scattered across my dining room, I will be eating out a lot this week. A pleasant start to this was dropping into the Town cafe in Heaton Moor. After a flurry of DIY shopping at Dunelm Mill, Argos and B&Q, my friend and I were in dire need of hot beverages which quickly progressed to lunch.

When I lived in the splendour of Heaton Moor, the Town cafe staff had a reputation for being a bit surly, and I’ve walked out of there before through lack of being served. However, I think the Town cafe now has new owners. Today we did have to wait some time before getting our lunch order in, but there was only two waitresses on and they were very lovely, if very busy.

It’s quite a small venue, but I believe there is an upstairs for functions. I also noticed that on the back of the toilet door, they had put on a party bus to Sankeys at 11pm on Saturday night. This is quite a good way of making the most of people who have got wrecked throughout the night, don’t want to go home, and suddenly find there’s a bus to take them to a club. Liking the entreprenurial spirit.

They currently have an offer on, which is something like £10 for two courses, but the Town Cafe doesn’t appear to have a website so I can’t check that. How can a business, especially a bar, not have a website these days? Impossible but true. I also noticed they had a two for one offer on cocktails on Thursdays, so that is marked in my mental diary to test out asap.

Having been dragged out of bed to ferry myself to B&Q, my chauffeur friend went for the vegetarian breakfast, which is £5 on Saturdays and Sundays. Bargain indeed. Everything was nicely cooked and good quality ingrediants for the price. I had a soup and a sandwich deal for £5.95, which again used really good ingrediants: beautiful thick granary bread and a nice mixed leaf salad with dressing. The filling of melted mozzerella, ham and tomato was tasty, but I was disappointed by the ham, which looked like it had just come out of a packet from Asda. My potato and leek soup, however, could not be faulted. It’s an easy soup to make, but this one was thick, full of flavour and very filling. Top marks here.

I could have lingered throughout the afternoon, ordering cake and more cups of tea, reading the Sunday papers, but a kitchen that needed painting beckoned me home. The Town cafe is a great place to drop into at the weekends for lunch. It gets really busy on the weekend evenings, as do all the bars in Heaton Moor, which is what makes it a great place to go out. It’s very cosy, cool and good value for money.

Town Cafe, 60 Heaton Moor Road, Heaton Moor, Stockport, SK4 4NZ.

Tel: 0161 431 8110‎

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