Another Rice opens near Oxford Road

Rice has long been one of the best things about that communist-era square called Piccadilly Gardens, along with Barburrito. Its handy boxes of rice-based snacks have seen me through many a lunch and teatime. And they also come in those white cardboard boxes, like Chinese food does in America, so you can pretend to be in an American soap (if you want?).

Now another Rice has opened, just off Oxford Road, to bring freshly made rice and noodle dishes to all those starving students and professionals too, if they can be bothered walking a tiny bit down Oxford Road.

Rice opening, manchester oxford road
As it’s all freshly cooked up, it’s a healthy fast food which means there’s really no excuse for anyone frequenting McDonalds these days.

Over the last few months, there’s been a flurry of new openings in the Quadrangle units after being empty for a couple of years. Nando’s opened almost three years ago, and then there’s a Chinese takeaway, which I dabbled with once and was badly disappointed by (and can’t even remember the name of). Now the units are filling up and as well as Rice, there’s also a new Indian place called Zouk Tea Bar and Grill opening this weekend.

It also turns out there’s Rice concessions in the Trafford Centre and Selfridges, but seeing as I don’t frequent either of these places I’d never seen them. I’ve also just noticed there’s a Rice on Deansgate, but how I’ve not noticed that one yet, I don’t know.

I was invited down to the opening for the new Rice at the Quadrangle last week, put on by the fabulous Impact Media team who always know how to throw a good party. The space is a lot bigger than the unit at Piccadilly Gardens, and has much more seating space. The big open kitchen was still a focal point, and we stood right near it to ensure first dibs on the delicious sushi and spring rolls canapes coming out. As the drinks flowed, the chefs also started whipping up main dishes for people, which was a great way of getting people to sample the food.

Riceopening2For those who aren’t familiar with the Rice concept, its staff cook up a selection of dishes from across the globe in a big open kitchen. Flavours include Jamaican jerk chicken, Thai green curry, Malaysian duck laksa and Indonesian Nasi Goreng. After choosing your main, you then choose from the long list of rice or noodle styles, like coconut rice, Thai sticky noodles, jasmine rice and Canadian wild rice. All the main dishes come with a suggestion so you don’t have to stand there going ‘ermmmm’.

I’m looking forward to trying out the new Rice for a big carton of steaming hot food. Sign up to the Rice website for offers – they also have offers on the Piccadilly Partnership website and always check Manchester Confidential before you go anywhere for its great selection of offers.

Rice Oxford Road, Unit 4, The Quadrangle, Chester Street (off Oxford Road), Manchester, M1 5QF.

Tel: (0161) 237 1570


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