Another two curry restaurants to avoid

I have just discovered this website called Tandoori News, and got completely carried away reading it when I should be writing up all my recent blog posts. Anyway it turns out that Shahenshah on the curry mile (Wilmslow Road) has also been fined by magistrates for a horrific lack of food hygiene, back in August 2008.

The article says cockroaches were found in the kitchen and mouse droppings found on sacks of rice. They were fined £30,000 (£5,000 for each of six food hygiene charges), and £1,266.51 costs. This was also reported in the Manchester Evening News, where it says the magistrate said it was the worst case of filth in a restaurant they’d ever seen. Yuk.

I have actually been to this place a couple of times, and thought it was quite good. Hmmm, I did wonder about those chocolate drops in the curry?

Another restaurant on the curry mile, Al Bilal, was also fined in April 2008 for food hygiene – again reported in the Manchester Evening News here.

We should be pleased that the council’s Environmental Health are checking out these places and taking them to court. It’s certainly put me off the curry mile, so I’ll probably give that a miss for a while. Anyway, instead of reporting where NOT to go, I’ll get back to where’s good to go…

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