Fame at last – and more kebab talk

I was rather chuffed to get a mention on Sarah Hartley’s Life Through Food blog a couple of weeks ago, which is on the Manchester Evening News website. I’ve been reading Sarah’s blog for a while, and found some great tips for new places I’ve not tried, like this one called Bread and Butter in the Northern Quarter. As I don’t work round there I haven’t discovered this gem, but will be trying it out very soon indeed.

When I started this blog over Christmas it was really just a hobby and I didn’t think anyone would notice or read it for AGES. But of course, then I discovered Twitter, which enables you to reach a large audience very quickly. Around the same time Twitter has reached mainstream media and seems to get mentioned in the Press rather a lot by people who just don’t get it. Celebrities tweeting their daily trivia is just a small part of this network. I follow a few celebs but generally find it far more interesting to follow and converse with people who have similar interests to me and work in a similar field to me.

By far my most read blog post – and the one Sarah flagged up too – was the one about kebabs and reviewing my favourite chicken kebab from Persian Tasty Grill in Levenshulme. About the time I wrote it, kebabs seemed to hit the news: first the bloke who invented them died and then (shock-horror!) it has been discovered they are not very good for you.

When most people say or hear kebabs they mean doner meat, which is a squishy mish-mash of lamb meat, but let’s face it – it could be anything and you wouldn’t know. And anyone who’s read my post knows I’m not a fan of floor scrapings but I do like some marinated chicken cooked in a clay oven. If there was anywhere that used free-range chicken, I’d be one happy gal.

If you’re going to buy takeaway food, make sure it’s from somewhere clean. I read too many stories in the local papers about kebab shops and takeaways in Manchester, which have been fined by Environmental Health for being disgusting. In fact there was an article in the South Manchester Reporter (and here on the Manchester Evening News website) on Friday about Pink Garlic in Rusholme. It said the curry restaurant on Wilmslow Road had to be closed for three days for a clean-up, after they were found to have a mouse and cockroach infestation, and magistrates fined them £14,000. How pleasant – I’m so glad I’ve never eaten there.

So just to finish – thanks for everyone who has read, and hopefully, enjoyed my blog. It was set up to shout out all those great places in Manchester that I find, plus bring together all the offers and deals you can find. Although the focus is mainly on food and drink, it’s not strictly a food blog.

Any feedback or comments are much appreciated, and I will be also be looking for guest bloggers, and am happy to guest blog for anyone else (if it’s something I can comment or contribute too, of course).

My aims now are to sort out the design of the blog and get it looking all snazzy, and just to keep adding to it. Bye for now – I have many more posts to write up!


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