An Outlet

As far as names go, it’s as far removed from its predecessor as it could be. An Outlet is stark and utilitarian, whereas Love Saves The Day was flimsy and romantic.

Love Saves The Day, owned by ex-Simply Red drummer Chris Joyce and his wife Beckie, had a chequered past with the original branches in the Northern Quarter and Deansgate going bust after a problem in 2005. The second coming with branches on Thomas Street, Deansgate and Piccadilly Basin all sadly went into administration in October 2008.

An Outlet food

The new branch at Piccadilly Basin, which had just opened, was rescued by Martin Stockley Associates, who are also based in Carvers Warehouse – and it has re-emerged as An Outlet. I never even got round to going in when it was LSTD as it wasn’t open that long but recently checked out An Outlet. I even saw Peter Saville walk out as I was going in and I did that involuntary double take you always do when you see someone vaguely famous.

I went in to meet a friend for a cup of tea, and went out with a bag full of goodies. I grabbed a door stop pastrami and gherkin sandwich (£3.50 to take out) which was hugely generous in its portions. A trio of cured sausages (£3.50) also went in the basket, which contained a good quality meaty chorizo, a blood sausage which was too rich for me to eat and a cured bacon which had a little too much fat in it, but otherwise tasty.

An Outlet Northern Quarter externalThey also have the broadband password written on the chalkboard to make it nice and easy for those of us carrying laptops in our handbags, so I managed to do an hour’s work, lingering over a cup of tea, on my second visit. The selection of drinks is vast: different teas with the option of soya milk, lots of coffees like expresso, macchiato, latte and the like. Food includes healthy breakfasts such as granola and fruit compote or croissants, and lunches of sandwiches and a salad bar. The delicatessen section has all manner of tasty good quality foodstuffs, and loads of bottles of wine.

I enjoyed nice homely touches such as a bookshelf of reading material to borrow and really friendly staff. I know I’ll be going there a lot more for meetings or just to work for an hour or two.

An Outlet, Carvers Warehouse, 77 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 2HG.
T: 0161 236 3043
W: (just a holding page at the moment)

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