Wine tasting at Revolve and Mooch Gallery

Castlefield Expanse 2008

I’ve been invited to come along to this wine tasting evening at a new art gallery in the Triangle shopping centre, so thought I would flag it up. Two art galleries called Mooch and Revolve have got together to exhibit in a beautiful very light space at the back of the Triangle.

I actually went to the opening a few weeks back and really loved the concept, but didn’t have time to write up here. The Revolve section is run by Sophia Butler, who started out displaying her own and other artists’ work at various venues around the city centre, such at the Crowne Plaza Club Lounge and a casino. Within months I heard she was launching this new gallery. Not only is she creative and paints beautifully intricate landscapes of Manchester (pictured), but Sophia definitely has business brains as well. The size of the gallery means it’s ideal for events and gatherings, so there’s quite a few events coming up including a Thirsty Thursday and this wine tasting.

Led by Mark Dent of Hanging Ditch Wine Merchants, this is taking place on Sunday, June 7 from 2-4.30pm. Mark will guide us through a selection of wines and tickets are only £10 – which is very good for wine tasting.

To buy a ticket call into the gallery or call Sophia on 07800 590 262.

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