Urbis Creatives launched

Urbis creatives manchester

Did you know staff at Urbis were such a creative bunch? No, I didn’t either, but a new website has just been launched to showcase the collective creativity of Urbis staff in their outside-work projects.

Encouraging creativity and out-of-work interests is a fantastic idea, and of course it promotes Urbis itself because it is supposed to be a forward-thinking hub of creativity and new thinking.

Have a look at the website www.urbiscreatives.org, which was launched last night with a party (which I wasn’t at but it sounds great). The evening showcased the varied creative talents with original artwork as well as live music, DJ sets and burlesque.

The site tells you a bit about each staff member and their outside talents, which include a freelance community musician, film installation, photography, and of course art.

I’m looking forward to seeing what other work and ideas come from this collective in the future.

E: urbiscreatives at urbis.org.uk

(Image take from the Urbis website)

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