Cutting Room activities launched

Cutting Room art low res
The next phase of the innovative event Cutting Room Experiment has now been announced, with the winning ideas and schedule going up on the website last week. I was really excited to find out which activities were going to go ahead, and in the end there were 103 ideas generated and 1,166 people counted in for activities.

This is such a unique concept, and it’s been fantastic to see the message being passed around the web on Twitter, Facebook and blogs. I’ve been tweeting about this event under @cuttingroomexp and it’s really cool to see people talking about an event you’re involved in.

So anyway, onto the events. I’ve posted the full list below with times and all this information is also on On the day of Cutting Room Experiment on Saturday, June 20 there will also be an unveiling of art work by artist Dan Dubowitz at 3pm at Cutting Room Square.

There is also a photocall tomorrow morning at 10am at Cutting Room Square, which isn’t far off Great Ancoats Street, so if anyone wants to pop along and be photographed bouncing around on an orange Space Hopper, do come along!

All the activities at the Cutting Room Event are going on all day, so people can come and go as they please throughout the day. There’s quite a few ideas that are great for kids, so hopefully there will be lots of families there as well as all you young urban dwellers.

Here is the schedule for the Cutting Room Experiment on Saturday, June 20.

Art & craft – Swap til you drop (65 votes)
An hour of clothes swapping, dancing around to music

Classical music – Cutting Room Orchestra (12 votes)
Uniting members from orchestras in Manchester to fill the Cutting Room Square and play

1pm-3.30pm (13 votes)
Literature – Book of a 1000 authors
How many people can we get to write one book?

Architecture – Faceless Identity (118 votes)
Masked participants generating a cardboard skyline

Fun – do you want me to? (44 votes)
A simple act of kindness leads to a mass photo

Science – Alka Seltzer rockets (34 votes)
Museum of Science and Industry makes the afternoon go with a whizz and a pop

Dance – musical statues (46 votes)
Have some fun with a mass version of this children’s party game, but with better music

Film – Looking for Eric (16 votes)
To celebrate the release of the Ken Loach film, we are calling all Erics

Sport – Space Hopper Racing (18 votes)
An extreme Space Hopper race across the Cutting Room Square

World Record Attempt – longest conga line (14 votes)
The current world record stands at 1,048 – can we beat this?

party Рsilent disco  (50 votes)
Let’s go quietly at the end of the day with everyone’s favorite tunes

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