Bread and Butter (or how piadinas changed my life)

Bread&butter northern quarter
Two weeks ago I didn’t even know what a piadina was. Now I’d eat them for breakfast, lunch and tea if I could (yes really). After months of wanting to go and check out Bread and Butter in the Northern Quarter I finally got there. One lunchtime visit was thwarted because it was just too busy, but now I have finally cracked it. Get there before 12.30pm and you can lounge on the sofas while they make your lunch, and you get the pick of the cakes.

A piadina is an Italian flatbread and at Bread and Butter they stuff it with all kinds of delicious fillings, such as chicken, garlic mayo and mozzarella or ham, mozzerella and basil, which are heated up in a sandwich press. If you eat in you get a plate of salad and homemade coleslaw, but even if you take-out they will put the salad in a little dish for you. They also serve sandwiches as well as other meals such as chilli and Moroccan lamb stew.

Bread&butter piadina Bread&butter cakes

There is also a tasty looking salad bar, and they have plates of amazing cakes made by the owner, Patsy Garvin. I fell for the chocolate tart (pictured) and think it was about £1.80. They usually have carrot cake and lots of cute cupcakes too. But be warned, get there before me otherwise I’ll just eat them all.

Bread and Butter is a really cute little shop up Tib Street, past Rags to Bitches and The Northern. You really can’t miss it because it’s painted bright pink and has white wrought iron furniture outside. The inside is full of retro furniture and tea sets, and although there isn’t much seating room at the moment, they are renovating the basement.

I also noticed they are open for tapas in on the weekend evenings, AND you can bring your own booze. So watch out for that review as soon as I can find a free weekend.

Bread and Butter, Tib Street, Manchester, M4 1LG.



  • June 29, 2009 - 2:49 pm | Permalink

    My girlfriends and I were lucky enough to stumble into Bread and Butter the first night that the chaps opened for evening service.
    We were their first ever customers, and we had a hoot!
    With a cava & rioja sourced from Tib St off licence, some glasses Jill & I begged from Matt & Phreds, we had great tapas enhanced by mismatched vintage crockery, and cool music. The ‘interesting’ trip to the loo’s downstairs only added to the sense of adventure!
    It felt rather reminiscent of a trip for tea with a crazy spanish aunt, and we all loved it!

  • tight
    October 8, 2009 - 10:04 am | Permalink

    Visited Bread and Butter for the first time the other day.
    nice smells enticed me in, which is unusual because i never buy dinner when out (too picky about taste/prices!).
    There was about eight people in when i called and the first things i noticed was a guy ordering a veggie sausage sandwich and people eating cakes.
    The place smells nice of home cooked food and there are leather couches and nice chairs and tables.
    the whole place looks trendy with art deco style tiles on one wall, a mirror and a sideboard with teacups in. there is also hand drawn artwork which keeps you looking around, there is even some for sale of local manchester scenes.
    I had a roasted veg panini which was very tasty and a expresso which came in the weirdest cup i have ever seen!
    Just over a fiver,nothing really i came out thinking why am i so tight,
    and who did the artwork.
    Would i go again, yes i would, i enjoyed looking around at the decor and the food was good. There are other things on the menu i would like to try and maybe a cupcake, which i watched someone take out of the oven and load with cream and fruit before dusted with icing sugar. nice!

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