Manchester Museums get creative


I meant to give Creative Tourist a mention when it launched back in July, but I didn’t get round to it. I should have pretended I needed to read it for over a couple of months to really absorb what it was all about. But really I just forgot.

But I’ve been enjoying the latest issue over a cuppa throughout the last week. Creative Tourist is a joint project between nine museums and galleries in Manchester, as well as the North West Regional Development Agency, Renaissance in the Regions and Visit Manchester. It’s a mighty fine idea to create a joint cultural guide to the city with guest posts from bloggers.

The project is edited by Susie Stubbs, who has worked with most of the museums in arts and cultural sector for 12 years and who also writes Travels With My Baby.

Being a foodie kind of gal, I enjoyed reading Simon Webbon’s guide to museum cafes – surely the reason we go to galleries? Although a trip to the gift shop at the end has to be my favourite (I say with only a little sarcasm).

It’s inspiring to read about all the good stuff happening in Manchester, and a bit of history to give it all context. Manchester Museums Consortium seems to be working together for a united front to showcase our super city to the rest of the world – I bet other cities wish they’d thought of it first.

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