Festival Finale Weekend at Albert Square

Paul heathcote MFDF
Paul Heathcote, who was giving a chef demo at St Ann’s Square.

We’re now in the middle of Manchester Food and Drink Festival ,
after it launched last week with a glitzy bash at Manchester Art Gallery.
Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I’m doing some freelance PR work for the
festival so I’ve been watching all the behind the scenes action and can really
appreciate how much work goes into putting an event like this on.

And I’m starting to realise the occupational hazard of
working with (and consuming lots of) food and drink is a strong possibility of gout.
But, hey, I’m not complaining!

Final-Brochure-Cover for MIA
This weekend (October 8-11) coming is going to be a good
one, with loads of events happening in Albert Square. If you like beers, the
Oktoberfest (Oct 8-11) is for you, while is you prefer a proper British ale,
check out the Greater Manchester Ale Festival (just Oct 9 and 10). And even
better, Saturday, October 10 has been declared Ale and Pie Day with Holland’s
Pies giving away free pastry snacks to thirsty punters.

As a non-ale drinker I’ll be heading down today (Thursday, October 8) for the Chocolate Day, in association with the Chocolate
. Last time I went into their shop, I tried loads of very odd flavours of
choccy including bacon (bit salty, but not too meaty!) and they even let me
have a go at making a hot chocolate.

The first Manchester Whisky Festival has also been really popular this
year, and all the masterclasses are completely sold out. There are still
tickets available for the event on Saturday (Oct 10) at MOSI (Museum of Science and
so if you like your malts, get ‘em quick.

There’s still loads of events happening every day, right up
until Monday, October 12 so check out the website. Click on the events section
to search by date.

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    Thats a good read, I found it really usefull, thanks.

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