Another new music venue!

Why yes, there’s ANOTHER new music venue planned for Manchester in 2010. No recession can’t stop us rocking out. Indeed.

This new rockin’ hub is to be called Sound Control. And guess what, it’s actually going to be where the shop Sound Control was, until went bust. Mr Manchester Is Ace used to work in this music shop when he finished college – except when I say work, I mean sit around all day and play drums. And then we used to go across to the Thirsty Squalor Scholar, and put tunes on the juke box all night. Ah happy days.

I can imagine this being a right good live band venue because it’s such a big space, sat right next to Oxford Road train station. There was supposed to be a New Year’s Eve party, but I got an email to say the heating hasn’t been installed, so it’s been cancelled which is a bit of a bummer for a new opening. Also it doesn’t say anything about it on the website, that I can see.

The website is a tad basic, but you can sign up for updates, so get on it.
Also more background information here at

Sound Control Manchester, 1 New Wakefield Street, Manchester, M1 5NP.
Check it out:

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