Not Part Of New Year’s Eve

not part of festival new year's eve
Not Part Of is having an alternative New Year’s Eve – on January 16! With 25 acts over seven hours, this is a a great way to liven up a dark and miserable month.

The fringe festival to Manchester’s International Festival is putting on a one day festival at the Dancehouse Theatre with comics, hip hops acts, a choir, poets dance and theatre.

There will also be an art gallery and a bazaar, and £1 of every ticket sold goes to Forever Manchester. Doors open at 4pm, with performances starting at 4.30pm, and finishing at midnight.

Not Part Of is run by Gareth and Beth McCann and they are both dedicated to making it easy for artists to get their work out there, when the International Festival shines its spotlight over Manchester. The festival brings a lot to the city’s economy, but doesn’t necessarily support smaller artists in the city, so Not Part Of was launched to give them a platform.

To order a ticket:
T: 0870 428 0785

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