A Raisin in the Sun

Raisin in the sun

Coming to the Royal Exchange theatre in February is the heart rendering classic, A Raisin In The Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry. The plot follows the Youngers, an African- American family, who are living on the south side of Chicago in the 1950s.

The play opens with the family awaiting the arrival of an insurance cheque. The money is coming as a result of the death of Mr Younger, but despite their grief the family realises that this money will solve all of their financial problems and allow their dreams to come true. Each member of the family has an idea of how the money should be put to good use.

Lena Younger (Starletta Dupois), the mother of the family, wishes to use the money to create the home her husband originally dreamed of. Her son, Walter Lee (Ray Fearon), dreams of investing in a liquor store with his friends whereas his sister Beneatha (Tracy Ifeachor) wants to go to medical school.

However, as the play progresses the family soon begin to clash and it soon becomes clear that achieving their dreams will be harder than they ever imagined.

Catch A Raisin In The Sun at the Royal Exchange from January 27 until February 20 at 7.30pm.

Tickets: From £8.50 to £29.50.

Preview Tickets:
The first Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night of each show is a preview, where all seats are half-price

Happy Mondays:
Anyone aged 25 and under can get best available seats for only £4. Only two seats per booking. Mondays only.

Full Time Students:
Half price standby tickets on the day available for any performance, except restrictions shown.

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W: www.royalexchangetheatre.org.uk

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