Castlefield on a sunny day

Remember that sunny weekend in Manchester? The sun came out, got us all excited about summer and then disappeared again.

Castlefield is absolutely the best place to be in Manchester when the sky is vibrantly blue, and the sun is beaming away. At the weekends, the canal basin area is full of beer-drinking pub goers. But we went down on Monday evening, and apart from at Dukes 92, we only saw joggers and a few people out walking.

castlefield and beetham tower manchester

For anyone who is new to Manchester, you can get to Castlefield by walking down past the Knott Bar at the end of Deansgate or right by The Ox on Liverpool Road (click the links for Google Map location).

the chapel, castlefield, manchester

With a network of canals, pubs with outdoor areas and an ampitheatre area, this is a perfect place to go for an urban stroll.

castlefield bridge, Manchester

This conservation area was the site of the Roman settlement of Mamcunian back in 79AD. The first canal was begun in 1758 to transport coal to Manchester.

MOSI manchester

More canals were built, along with warehouses to store the goods. Eventually canals were not quick enough for the growing industrial needs and a railway station was built in 1830 on Liverpool Road – now MOSI.

castlefield canal manchester

Castlefield was one of Manchester’s first regeneration areas back in the late 1980s and is now full of beautiful city living apartments, with water views.

beetham tower manchester

Please note all photographs are copyrighted to Carolyn Hughes, and please don’t use them without permission.

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