Choice Restaurant in Castlefield

On the balmy summer evening when I posted all these Castlefield photos, we decided to check out Choice Restaurant. I’ve heard it’s supposed to be good, but when you get off the bus at Piccadilly it’s a right hike to get out to Castlefield so had never tried it out.

Anyway, we were there and we were hungry AND they had a two courses for £12.95 offer on. The modern British menu definitely tempted our tastebuds so onwards we went. Showing its raw original brick arches to their full potential, the decor was understated, with a clean finish. So far, so good.

Chicken liver pate Choice

I got a severe case of food envy throughout the meal, with the other half’s dishes being much more appetising than mine. His starter of chicken liver pate was rich and smooth, and came with shallots to pile on the pate, a balsamic drizzle and locally baked bread. Look – he’d even started eating it before I took a photo.

Smoked salmon fishcakes, Choice

My smoked salmon and sesame seed fishcakes were rightly tasty, but came with a mere drizzle of sweet green chilli dip. It was far from being a dip, and could have just been a damp plate – and actually didn’t taste of green chilli at all. Sweet red chilli sauce is sooo over, so a green chilli relish would have been a wonderful accompaniment but this thin drizzle just didn’t deliver.

Chorizo and artichoke risotto, Choice

I ordered the chorizo and artichoke risotto for my main course but was brought the pea risotto and then had to sit meal-less for another seven minutes while they re-cooked my order. Perhaps I should have stuck with the pea because the chorizo was just too salty and overpowering to go with the soft gooey rice, and I ended up leaving most of it. The artichokes were beautiful, but risotto is such a delicate dish it doesn’t need that big wallop of flavour from the chorizo.

Lamb shank, choice

Opposite, a tender lamb shank with thick chunky gravy and mash was a massive success. It was the small details – the bits of garlic in the gravy, the chopped greens in the mash, the crisped skin on the lamb – that really made it.

Interior, Choice restaurant

As restaurant urban myth has it, Mondays aren’t a good day to eat out because this is when the head chef has the day off. However, we’re still paying customers and there weren’t that many people eating for them to make mistakes and be all rushed. The main menu (not the offer we had) was quite expensive so I wouldn’t have been happy to pay top whack for the inconsistent level of food.

Too full for desserts – even for creme brulee – we strolled back through Castlefield to catch the last of the rays.

Choice Restaurant, Castle Quay, Manchester, M15 4NT
T: 0161 833 3400

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    Typically, customers sit at tables, their orders are taken by a waiter, who brings the food when it is ready, and the customers pay the bill before leaving. In finer restaurants there will be a host or hostess or even a maître d’hôtel to welcome customers and to seat them. Other staff waiting on customers include busboys and sommeliers.

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