Sex and the City cocktails at the City Inn

The nice people at the City Inn in Manchester invited me to bring three friends along to try out their Sex and the City-themed cocktails – and I was only too happy to oblige. Not only did I get to catch up with my friends, drink some fancy drinks, but we didn’t even have to watch the film (I can’t not speak and sit still for two and a half hours).

Thomas Ebs, bar manager City Inn

Bar manager of the Piccadilly Lounge Thomas Ebs was a superb tutor, and was patient as we went from being attentive, to attacking the canapes with gusto and then as the pure liquor took hold, just shouting over him and each other. He taught us all the tricks of the trade, like counting out the measurements, shaking the cocktail shaker without throwing it all over your customers and how to look smooth while your doing it. He would not, however, let us juggle with the bottles like Tom Cruise and Brian Brown. Perhaps for the best.

Watching and learning at the cocktail masterclass.

It was universally decided that I should drink the ‘Carrie’ cocktail – hopefully because I’m a writer and not because I have a long face.

City Inn Cocktail masterclass

The ‘Miranda’ was my favourite, with a clean taste of Grey Goose vodka, and for a true redhead style, flavoured with watermelon, rose syrup and Kaffir lime leaves (as seen above). Mmm glug glug.

The ‘Samantha’ was my afore-mentioned favourite cocktail ever – with a layered taste of rich cherry and basil, with Wisniowka cherry vodka, lemon and cranberry juice. Most of the vodka ended up on the counter, after one of the friends didn’t quite master the pouring technique, so it was more of a cherry soft drink. I’ve been told not to bring her again.

Making cocktails at the City Inn

The ‘Charlotte’ was far from being an innocent drink, but it was pretty straight up. The pineapple and cardamom infused cachaca was blended with lime wedges, fresh pineapple and cane sugar for a strong but tasty short cocktail. All the cocktails are £6.95 if these photos tempt you for a’ Sex and the City Inn’ evening – and the bonus is myself and my friends will NOT be making them for you.

The cocktail events are great for groups of friends, and it’s not often you’re allowed behind the bar to try making your own drinks. The Blue Bar is one of my favourite secret bars in Manchester (not a secret anymore though), and it’s nice to have a civilised drink while your make-up’s still on straight.

The Sex and the City cocktail masterclass is available at the City Inn until July 11 and is £30 per person (for at least four people) and involves two cocktails each and canapes. To book a master class call the Manchester hotel on 0161 242 1000 and quote ‘SATC master class’.

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    Lovely bar. Pity its not free trials every night :(

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