Home Sweet Home, Edge Street

Now I spend most of my life at my own little home sweet home looking after Little Mr Manchester Is Ace, how strange that my first blog post back would be about a new cafe called Home Sweet Home.

I’d been told about a new dessert bar on Edge Street but when I went for a stroll down the hipster street in the Northern Quarter, I could see no such thing.

I did find a cute new cafe so summoned the other half @oscillatestudio to come and have lunch with me.

But it turned out that I was actually in the right place – for Home Sweet Home is a cafe with a hefty focus on desserts. They shouldn’t be so shy about those amazing cakes I saw in the fridge – I’d have put a big notice on the window that said ‘We sell amazing cakes.’

Inside is a light and airy cafe, with reclaimed wooden doors forming the counters and quirky pictures on the wall. The overall look is kitsch English cafe with a splash of American diner thrown in there. Very Northern Quarter.

The lunch menu is massively appealing with a wide range of sandwiches, toasties, salads and their special chilli which is served in a large hollowed out bread roll. They also do snazzy milkshakes that are all the rage these days, plus I spotted a retro ice cream float on the menu.

I think this must be one of the best salad menus I’ve seen in Manchester, with a mouthwatering selection of filling salads. The Club salad (£5.50) was a heady mix of mixed leaves, roast chicken, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, chopped egg and spiced mustard mayonnaise. Who needs bread when you’ve got all that?

The cajun chicken, chorizo and jalapeno sandwich on multi-seed bread (£4.40) was a delicious doorstopper of a butty, with the chillis packing a right spicy punch.

The service here was exemplary, with the very friendly waitress coming straight over to take our order. Besides, paying lots of compliments about my gorgeous baby always wins me over.

Once I’d eyed up the cakes as I paid the bill, I couldn’t walk out without taking a chocolate brownie with me – and it was worth it. A gooey rich chocolatey inside contrasted with a crunch on the outside.

Next time I’m trying the triple berry layer cake.

Go and pay a visit to this cafe on Edge Street or follow them on Twitter @maltshakelover or visit their website: http://cheeseburgertoastie.co.uk/.

Directions to Home Sweet Home.




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