Long Causeway, Burnley

Long Causeway tarts

Long Causeway Farm Shop is situated up near Burnley and is run by the three former owners of That Cafe in Levenshulme, which sadly for M19 closed last year. The trio now work on their smallholding, and sell their produce at farmers’ markers and at their own farm shop once a month.

We regularly used to go to Ashton Farmers’ Market (last Sunday of every month) and know exactly how good their little tartlets and cakes are (see above photo). So we decided to go and visit their smallholding, and made it just before it closed at 2pm. Luckily they hadn’t sold out of those tartlets so good we’d driven 35 miles to buy some.

The haddock chowder tart (all tarts are £1.40) was delicious with a spicy kick of chilli livening up the smoked fish, and came with a sprinkling of crunchy cheese on top. Long Causeway Farm’s own lamb was shredded and baked to perfection in another tart, and given a topping of minted mushy peas. Next up (hey, we were hungry) was the king of the crop – the pork, sage and apple, which tasted like really juicy stuffing with a sweet slice of apple across the top. All truly amazing and worth the journey.

Long Causeway meat

We also bought a heavenly pear and almond tart (£1.40), which had the most perfect crunch to the pastry, plus a bag of their home-reared lamb and pork, and a jar of bursting-with-freshness pesto (£3). A loaf of caramelised onion and walnut bread (£1.50) is everything bread should be: crusty on the outside and bouncy and full of flavour on the inside.

All the produce from Long Causeway is incredibly reasonably priced considering it is all homegrown and lovingly baked.

We’d envisaged a lovely day out in the countryside but didn’t really find much to inspire us around Burnley, ending up at Hollingworth Lake in Rochdale for ice-cream.

If you appreciate good well-looked after meat, make the effort to source some from Long Causeway  - it’s worth the effort.

Directions to Long Causeway




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