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Gardening galore: Bud Garden Centre

Echinacea Bud Garden Centre

A small garden centre based in Burnage, just off Kingsway, has recently been taken over by new owners. Brenda and Severine have brought their wellies, trowels and expertise and given this little haven of plants a new modern makeover.

With a fresh new website, Twitter stream and lots of flyers around the area, this is now a thriving new business.

Currently only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (and Bank Hols), Bud Garden Centre has a bright and colourful range of flowers, plants and shrubs. Today there were some huge dahlias, which caught my eye, but I bought an echinacea plant. The tall bright pink flowers (top photo) grabbed my attention and Brenda gave me some advice on where to plant it.

Entrance Bud Garden Centre Burnage

One of the best things about small independent businesses is the advice you can get, which is essential for novices like me who don’t know their perennials from their annuals. We’re very lucky in South Manchester, as we also have Hulme Garden Centre and Village Stores in Levenshulme as quality independent suppliers of plants.

We’re currently giving our scrappy backyard a makeover, but I’m quite cautious about what I can plant without it withering in the inevitabley frosty winter ahead of us. Brenda was really useful, helping me decide which plants will have time to set roots down and then hunker down until spring.

Bud Garden Centre also specialises in organic and sustainable gardening, which is going to be mega-useful when I get my veg planter going in the spring.

If you love plants and gardening, this is definitely worth a visit.

Inside Bud Garden Centre Burnage

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