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Nui: from Sicily to the Trafford Centre

Do you find a surprising number of people proclaim themselves to be
‘savoury’ people? I suppose it’s expected for women to go mad about
chocolate, probably after shoe shopping and a bit of moaning about men.
But actually most girls would choose a bag of Kettle Chips and some
nice crusty bread over a bar of Dairy Milk most days.

I’m not
really big on cakes or desserts (although naturally I don’t say no),
but I think this is the first review I’ve done where I’ve thought about
the dessert more than the main course afterwards. So let’s do a
backwards review, why not?
Nui cakes Sicily Trafford Centre

The cakes at Nui at the Trafford Centre
are a little piece of heaven – well actually they’re a little piece of
Sicily flown over once a month. And I can say they’re damn fine with
some authority because I went to Sicily for my honeymoon and sampled
rather a lot of these confectionery. Sicilian cakes often look very
brightly coloured and sickly but in fact are truly delicious.

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