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A co-operative for Levenshulme?

Village Stores Levenshulme

may soon be emulating that unbearably hip suburb of Manchester called
Chorlton. For a group of residents are looking into forming a
co-operative to run the local Village Stores.

it was opened three years ago by Ibrahim al-Caddy, Village Stores on
Barlow Road has become a much loved resource for residents of
Levenshulme, like myself. As much as I have talked about kebabs on this
blog so far, I don’t really like living in an area where one in three
shops are takeaways. Good quality food stores are few and far between,
and Village Stores stocks locally grown fruit and veg, health food,
plants and other eco-friendly household stuff.

And as M19 isn’t
known for being full of people who are particularly well off, Ibrahim
has always managed to keep the prices very reasonable for the good
quality. With a good location right next to the leisure centre and
opposite the library, Village Stores has become an essential part of a
small community hub.

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