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Urbis Creatives launched

Urbis creatives manchester

Did you know staff at Urbis were such a creative bunch? No, I didn’t either, but a new website has just been launched to showcase the collective creativity of Urbis staff in their outside-work projects.

Encouraging creativity and out-of-work interests is a fantastic idea, and of course it promotes Urbis itself because it is supposed to be a forward-thinking hub of creativity and new thinking.

Have a look at the website www.urbiscreatives.org, which was launched last night with a party (which I wasn’t at but it sounds great). The evening showcased the varied creative talents with original artwork as well as live music, DJ sets and burlesque.

The site tells you a bit about each staff member and their outside talents, which include a freelance community musician, film installation, photography, and of course art.

I’m looking forward to seeing what other work and ideas come from this collective in the future.

E: urbiscreatives at urbis.org.uk

(Image take from the Urbis website)

The Best of Manchester Awards are upon us again

Bestof Manchester
Do you want to be crowned Best of Manchester? I love that title, what an accolade. To be the king or queen of Manchester, you have to do something worthy in the categories of art, music or fashion. Now, I have already put forward the suggestion that these awards are re-named the Manchester Is Ace Awards, so I’m just waiting to hear if that will go ahead (ahem).

Organised by Urbis, the Best Of Manchester awards launched in 2007 and do a marvellous job in rewarding creativity and innovation in this great city of ours. And there are now just 10 weeks to drum up as many applicants as possible.
Manchester has always been noted for creativity in its people, so it’s important to encourage and develop this as much as we can.

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